Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Behind Hitler's Lines by Thomas Taylor

I literally just set this book down, and all in all I would recommend it as a very interesting, "page-turner" style work. At some points I have to admit I was left scratching my head as to how this could possibly be grounded in real-life events. (I guess that could be said about almost every element of the Nazi regime) However, the little research I did into the novel before reading seemed to confirm that it was in fact true. That element of the novel makes it enthralling. Even for a second, to put yourself in the position of the novel's main character, Beryle, truly offers insight into the fear that war creates for all those involved. While the book does not ever truly offer a concise message, a simple "war is horrific" theme can clearly be interpreted throughout.

If you have an interest in anything and everything that is WWII based as I do, I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy this novel.

Rhett Davis

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