Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cunning Man by Robertson Davies

This work manages to be both entertaining and intelligent. Dr. Jonathan Hullah, is a holistic physician-a cunning diagnostician who is often able to get to the root of problems that have baffled others. A young reporter's query about the circumstances surrounding an Episcopalian priest's death at the high altar on Good Friday leads the doctor to reflect on his own life and career. While the issues addressed are those of the nature of friendship, religion, faith, and artistic life-the approach is anything but arrogant and dry. Davies's characterizations are rich. I found the work to be terribly interesting and to truly stimulate thought.

Rhett Davis

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  1. Thought specifically concerned with the question of why we allow ourselves to simply follow the paths of others when it comes to faith. After all, insn't that an issue that begs to be explored individually?

    Rhett Davis